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      Has anybody done a comparison of flash encoders of late? Two years ago I went with On2 Flix Pro ( I have the most up-to-date version, running VP6-S) and I have become tired of of it’s doggedly slow encoding performance. 30 minutes of 720P video is going to take over 3 hours to encode on a Core 2 Duo (2.4 GHz) with 2GB or RAM running Windows XP. The most frustrating part is On2 Flix doesn’t seem to have accounted for multi-core processing as my second core is sitting there un-utilized. I talked with people at On2 and couldn’t get an answer on when they would add multi-core support or even better program it for GPU-based encoding.

      I would be game to move to something else I am just not sure what. I went with On2 Flix Pro at the time because it rendered better quality video than Adobe’s Flash video Encoder in CS3 (which was awful). And that’s largely the reason I have stayed with themdespite the long production times.Had anyone done acomparison offlash encoders lately?

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