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      When I copy my 7 min video from my work computer onto my flash drive and open iton my home computer to continue editing, I get black frames in the time line and a big fat exclamation mark in the viewing screen in edit mode. Iuse Pinnacle Studio 11.Is it even possible to copy video onto a flash drive and open it up on another computer?

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      Yes, it’s possible to move video with flash drives. I do it a lot at work. We use XP and Vista and they both have their problems, so you have to move things around. We even use those toy Pirates of the Carribean bracelet flash drivesbecause their cheap and they work. So yes, it’s possible.

      Your problem could be that you copied the wrong video file to the flash drive when your were at work or that Pinnacle Studio isn’t cutting it. It could also be that Studio is fine, but your copy at home is older than the copy at work.

      Another thing, is if you don’t move the video to your computer drive from the flash drive first, it might not work. I don’t recommend opening the video in Studio when it’s still on the flash drive. That just sounds risky.

      Hopefully, this helps in some way.

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      It sounds like you may not be copying all the files. Some support file may be placed somewhere else on the hard drive and may not get copied to the flash. Studio probably has a “export project” function. Try exporting it to the flash drive rather than copying. Studio may then copy all necessary files it needs. Including any hidden or system files that may be lost by copying.

      I’m not a Studio user but my NLE will transport projects this way. 😉


Viewing 2 reply threads
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