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      I am working on creating youtube vids for my uncles clothing store, and I’m using footage shot on Green Screen. I have Vegas Pro 11 and used the Chroma Key filter. As you can see in this quick shot: – when she walks you can see theremnantsof the Green Screen.

      I tried following this tutorial:

      However I can’t find theReset to Nonepreset for theColor Corrector (Secondary) filter.

      As you can see here:– it’s not shown.

      If there is anyone that can help me clear up the dark areas shown above it will be of great help – I’m a complete newbie (this is my first green screen project ).

      Kind Regards,


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      For “Reset to None” you should be able to disable or delete the FX from the FX chain. Click on the FX box at the right hand end of the clip.

      As for the chroma key problem, you might try using the key more than once. In other words, key for the basic green. They key again for the green that remains. You may have to do this a couple of times; if you do it carefully you can probably get rid of all the green halo.



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      Your problem appears to be that when the talent walked into shot they cast a shadow on your green screen resulting in the keying not working where and when those shadow occurred. Trick is to keep talent at such adistance in front of green screen to avoid shadows, ensure the green screen is lit evenly with out any hot spots, avoid creases in green screen material.There maybe things you can try to fix your current problem (i) use a crop tool (ii) change the background from a room to green bush/trees etc. (iii)try whatJack advises(iv) try to adjust your brightness levels (v) place an advertisment for you uncles shop over the effected area….. etc. etc…Good Luck.

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      Thanks for the help Rocky & Jack. I’m going to try these suggestions all weekend.

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      @Jack Wolcotthow do I add multiple chroma key to a clip? Each time I add a new one, the results of the 1st become less visible.


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      When you use the chroma key function you must “tell” the computer what green you’re keying out by selecting a portion of the green. So, if after the first pass you still have green showing it’s because the green remnant is a slightly different value than the green you originally selected.

      After making the initial pass, select the chroma key FX again and select the remnant green as the color to key out. You may have to tweek a bit but you should be able to get rid of the green entirely.



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      I cannot see the clip here at work (shhhh!) but one trick that might help is to boost the green values a bit on the original footage, and then add the chromakey effect, it might make them a bit more unique. Just don’t do so much that it affects skin color etc.

      also check the Vaast site, Douglas Spotted Eagle did a tutorial on using a garbage mask (not that it ever helped me when I used vegas. ;- ) butit might help you.

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      Try using a Garbage mask to put a color board or whatever you want that you can chromakey out later. You can see here, although it is different software he is using, the concept is the same for using masks. In Vegas I think it’s called a “Garbage Matte”. But you can use either word, just as long as you learn how to use the effect effectively. πŸ˜›
      Try using the garbage mask tool to block out or replace any spots you are having trouble with.
      Hope this helps,
      Perryinjax Youtube channel
      PS Here is some guy’s video tutorial about how to use garbage mattes; (I have NO affiliation with him or his channel or anything like that. Is just the best thing I could find quickly that shows you how to use the garbage masking to get rid of your shadows πŸ™‚
      Where he is using another/second video with the mask, you can use a color board to replace the spots on your greenscreen where there are shadows, because the color board insert will be easy to chroma key outta there πŸ™‚

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