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      Hi all. I just shot my first wedding tonight. More fun than a human ought to have! I think the first thing I realized is that I won’t have to even consider doing yoga anymore. This is going to get me into shape for sure!

      The prelims and reception were smooth, and I got amazing footage thanks to the direction of a talented photographer. The ceremony is another animal altogether; I just wish it wasn’t so important. We had no rehearsal, and the tripod I ordered didn’t make it on time. I found myself trying every angle to catch the bride with horrible lighting.

      Question: Is a super-bright camera light "illegal" for a ceremony? I don’t want to be handicapped by this my whole career, but would rather have a policy from the beginning.

      For a music video promo, this was a perfect evening. I’m glad that this shoot was not for a long edit though, especially since I did the unthinkable — I forgot to place the wireless mic on the groom!!! I felt sick. I guess this is why the first ones are freebies. :-//

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      I’m doing my second freebee tomorrow, and I hope that I do a bit better than the first. I also forgot to put a mic on the Minister. The sound that I got from the one mic on the groom was perfect, but then the Minister left the couple and went up to the podium. Bummer….

      I do have two mics, just forgot to take the time to hook him up.

      I also screwed up the manual back light setting. I had it all set for back light while the wedding was taking place, then the couple walked out side and they vanished into the bright light. OOps…. I was able to fix that shot up pretty good in post, with a fade to white, actually turned out pretty good.

      Some times your lucky. I hope I get lucky tomorrow too… πŸ˜€

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      Question: Is a super-bright camera light "illegal" for a ceremony? I don’t want to be handicapped by this my whole career, but would rather have a policy from the beginning.

      😯 – I would have to say a BIG yes! No bride is going to put up with a distraction like that. Are you saying that it was that dark in the church that your video didn’t come out? I’m not sure what cameras you are using but I kind of find that hard to believe. If that is the case however, then you better see what you can do with your camera settings to amp up the light. I don’t think I ever had an issue where the light was too low in a church. Maybe all of the wrong color temps but never too low.


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      Hank, I have a question. Since you use 170’s and 2100’s, do you have any trouble with the manual white balance during the receptions? I have to do quite a lot of post work because my 170 didn’t do what I thought it would. I’m not sure if my infra-red light was shining on my white card or what, but my whole reception is sun burnt. I also have a question about the HOLD setting that you can use on these cameras. Will that hold the white balance in manual when you shut off the camera?


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      I recommend PD170 or VX2100 for weddings, but I don’t (yet) own a PD170 – just a couple of VX2100s. Auto white balance has been surprisingly good, but some of the dimmer receptions and those with lots of colored lights need a manual setting. Since I don’t carry a white board with me, I usually just set to incandescent and make any necessary adjustments in post. Occasionally, I’ve zoomed in on the gown and balanced to that. These techniques have worked really well for me.

      I try to make it a habit to not take anything for granted, so I haven’t tried the "hold" feature and don’t intend to. I’m constantly double-checking (and often changing) my settings (especially focus and exposure) and trying to stay conscious of changes in lighting, background, etc.

      I think videographers frequently forget that they are in charge of focus, exposure, white balance, etc. and concentrate solely on framing and zooming in on the current action. I try my best to avoid that oversight.

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      I too just finished shooting my 2nd freebie. I’m using a Sony HVR-Z1U as the primary and a Sony HVR-A1U as the back camera. I did get there early enough to get all set up with both wireless mics running as well as a Vocal mic on the podium for the readres and soloist. I had that ran into my new Tascam HD-P2 digital recorder. I thought that EVERYTHING was going to be PERFECT unlike my first freebie where I wasn’t able to get there in time to min anyone or anything. I even hired a seasoned Cameraman for the 2nd camera. I was set. So I thought. It turned out that the guy I hired did not get any of the shots I wanted, or the interview with the bride as she was getting ready. I needed locked down shots of the readres and vocalist so that I could get cutaways of the brides parents. He didn’t do anything I asked. The worst part was that he white balanced for outside while the photographer snaped some good shots but he failed to white balance once back in the church. The video was all greenish and totally washed out. I am still trying to get my color back to normal as well as contrast. All in all though, I was able to use other shots as cutaways, ( I hope it isn’t noticable that the same shot of the parents are in there twice. Other than that, It went almost perfect. All I need now is to do 200 pushups a day so I can be prepared to shoot the reception while carying a shoulder strap style battery for my light. Either that or get a battery belt.

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