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      So after playing around with Final Cut for the last few months, I decided to dig out a few VHS’s with some Super Mario Sunshine Fottage on them.

      I transfered the video to my computer, and came up with the video posted on youtube :

      Any comments or general critique would be helpful. Again, this is my first real attempt at a video

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      the one i watched (the one at the link above) was VERY WELL DONE!

      Like an action movie trailer.

      If you were to improve it, I’d mess with the font ofyour text. The font looked too basic, but that’s just me.

      The first time I watched it, it seemed to slow down too much at the end, but the 2nd time it looked ok.

      Do that with non-copyrighted footage and you could win some contests!

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      Thank you for those ideas for improvement. I shall definitely look into putting them to use. Would you mind providing a more specific timecode as to portions which you believed were slow?

      As for use of copyrighted footage, I can’t find any way to get my home-recorded footage to my computer, ergo all I have is copyrighted work.

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      Goes very well with the music. Definitely comes off as very professional. As the previous poster mentioned; mess around with some font / graphics effects and you’ve got yourself one hell of a piece.

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      Hmmmm, Have you thought about getting a job with a game company as a producer?

      Very well done.

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