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      Howdy all my friends, I have just created my first music video and would like to see what you people think. Do me a favor though, if you like the music and the video please do not share it with anyone as it has not been released yet. Believe it or not this is really the lead singers life story. Thanks and I look forward to your criticism.

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      It has a life story feel to it! The mix of “old footage” looks with the new; the child walking through the building and turning into a man, etc. Great stuff. I really enjoyed it, and it fits the style of music well. Top notch.

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      Great job Charles! Liked the band, the song and the concept. One thing I noticed, and it actually relates to another recent post here in the forums: “…shaky footage…” During the interior scenes of the band performing (not the live segment), I felt that something was missing….aha! No contrived shaky footage! (Did you usea static camerafor this segment?) Ihave obviously been “conditioned bythe current fad”to expect it all in a music video…weird, huh?

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      Nicely done, Great job on that one!

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      Nice job Charles. You bring a nice touch in that clips last longer than 8 frames. I liked it.

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