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      This is for us our first major production. ??????This is a christian piece meant to be used as an illustration piece for a sermon, bible study, etc. ??????All the actors were volunteers. ??????We spent about $250 on the production mostly feeding people.

      Below the video link is all of the details of what we used for the making of the video. All comments are appreciated.

      Every Day Denials from Tony Calza on Vimeo.

      Camera: Canon 60d with Canon EF 50mm 1.8 lens and Genus GENUS ND FADER FILTER to keep aperture at 1.8. ???Shot at 1/30 shutter. 1080 24p

      Audio: Zoom H4N To adapt it to the camera recording. ???H4N connected to camera through Sescom LN2MIC-ZMH4-MON Line Out to Camera Mic In Headphone Tap Cable, recorded audio to both camera and H4n

      Microphones: 2 Nady sgm-12 shotgun mics

      Tripod: Davis & Sanford Provista 7518 w/FM18 head. With a universal Dollie

      Crane: CobraCrane Backpacker

      Lights: 2 cowboy studio fluorescent soft boxes. + LTM 420W Fresnel

      NLE: Sony Vegas Pro 10 & 11

      Music: Digital Juice BackTracy and Worship StackTraxx

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      Cville – I went to Vimeo to watch your video, since there seemed to be a glitch in the embedding here.

      I enjoyed the subtlety ofyour message. (It’s nice to view something that doesn’t clobber me over the head with its intent.) The pacing of the first vignette was just a bitslow- butit finished very nicely. I liked the middle vignette best.Your actors were perfect for this production – especially the young boy hiding his cross.

      Thank you for posting your equipment list. I watched yourvideo with these items in mind -I believe this will be helpful to me for evaluating furture equipment purchases so,a personal “high five” from me πŸ˜€

      Great Job!

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      Hi again – one thing I forget to add: the audio could use a boost.

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      Daniel HartDaniel Hart

      Excellent job. The quality of the video was great, and it got the message across nicely. Very well done.

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      @ ophelia thanks for taking the time and all of your comments. I had some trouble with the video embedding. It shows up when I look at it on my computer. But on my computer it shows 2 one with the video not available. I’m responding on my IPhone. None of the video shows up on this.

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      Thanks Daniel. I appreciate the kind words.

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      In case you would like to see some still photos from this production here is a link to Y Not Video Facebook page. As planned I don’t show up in any of the photos. But our DP does.

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