First editing job. How much to charge?

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      I’ve just landed my first editing job and have been asked to quote a price, however I have no idea what to charge. I don’t want to charge too much as to price myself out of a job but also I don’t want to rip myself off!

      The job is some simple editing ofseven 30 second clips and adding a bit of branding.

      COuld anyone suggest a ballpark figure that would be the norm for this type of work.

      Thanks for any help anyone can offer.


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      Are there only 7 30 second clips or do you have to make the clips 30 seconds? If you have to make the 30 second clips you will need to know how much footage you need to sift through for those 30 second clips.

      If it is like you are just putting a water mark on the lower corner, then I would charge no less than $75 an hour and that includes render time. If you have a beast of a machine and can put a water mark and render all the clips in under an hour I would charge $150 for the whole deal and call it good.

      Even though you are just starting out don’t cut yourself short or everyone will want you to do it for free. I charge no less than $75 an hour and depending on the gig go as high as $150 an hour.

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      Thanks for your advice Charles.

      As I understand it thefootageis already roughly cut to 7 x 30 second clips and i just need to finish them of, making them look profesional and adding some simple text branding. I’m estimating it will take me up to an hour per clip (including render time).

      Thanks again for your help.

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      This if I understand 7 clips of 30 seconds each, this is 210 seconds length is about 4 minutes times video length. I calculate about 1 hour per minute to cut adding short tile and render. That means 4 hours at $75 per hour = $300 and up. Small scale customer $300 big enterprises $600 because large customer can ash more work after viewing the video and probably each clip can be adjusted like change the email or change or add the corporate logo etc…

      Not less than $300 and up.



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