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      Okay. So after about 2 weeks of work, I managed to complete my first ever real project (by which I mean a project that is not simply just a fan tribute to a show or game). I have uploaded the project to youtube:

      All footage is either original by me or stock footage I found at Any comments or suggestions for improvement on this are welcome. Thanks

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      Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

      Hey nice video. I love the footage in old movie format and the clips you used. The music is powerful enough to give the clips the meaning they deserve. At the beginning of the clip the green screen was noticeable when the person enters and talks. I know green screen sometimes could be difficult to set up and this had happen to me a lot (I’m pretty new to this green screen stuff) but the thing is a little patience positioning the lights and some trial and error with the software. I like your video and the planets scene look great (What program did you used?) If you are going to keep doing videos about global warming I suggest that you take as many footage you can of the nature and contaminated places you know about and also take footage of the beautiful things. I did a video about the economic impact of global warming and when I end it I had so many footage of different places and scenarios that I had to choose from the best clips and the best part is that I used a lot of them and mix them so you could see like 15 clips in 15 seconds. And of course the music is vital for any video project so keep using powerful music. Keep up the good work and happy new year.

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      Thank you for the comments. To answer your question, the planets, and in fact the entire first half of the video, was all done in Lightwave v9.3 for Mac.

      As for the greenscreen section. I do see how it’s quite obvious, however, I am limited to merely one light for all my filming. As such, ridding myself of a nasty shadow was difficult, so I did my best to eliminate as much as possible in the edit bay itself.

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