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      Hey all,

      First thread I have made. I just have a few questions as I am new to all this and just getting into it.

      I have a Canon XH A1s, a Rode NTG – 3 Shotgun mic few filters. ****ty tripod and that is about it.

      This weekend I have to film about 20 hours of footage for a charity and
      edit a movie together that goes for about 2 hours. I have made a few
      small videos and I’m learning how to edit now. ( if you want to take a look at my work so far. )

      I’ll be doing speeches a few night shots, road shots. The normal really,
      nothing too out of it. It’s a bunch of people helping out a charity by
      riding their motorbikes around the country.
      So lots of moving shots and I have to capture the sound perfect of the bikes riding through the Mt.

      Can anyone give me some quick tips for this weekend? Like, what mics I
      should use for what? I have in my head Ill be using the shotgun mic for
      inside speeches and stuff and the built in mic for the bikes going past.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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