First Amendment Rights still Hammered

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      Ran into this article today. More about videotaping cops and the journalists who get arrested doing it.

      THIS can go along with the other articles from Videomaker. A recent post under LEGAL ISSUES, got 29 responses. We all are interested, and should be, in the ongoing developments of an apparent shift toward police state actions and away from Constitutional rights.

      Also, check out THIS RELATED POST by the magazine’s managing editor, Jennifer O’Rourke.

      I think it was Benjamin Franklin who said something like, and I paraphrase: When citizens begin to allow freedom to be taken away for a degree of social comfort, they will lose both … or something like that.

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      Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Franklin

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      Thanks, Bill. πŸ˜‰ Something like that.

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      The right to bear cameras is the non violent modern equivalent of the right to bear arms…. it is the best safest and most non violent means for a person to protect their rights and the rights of others from abuses of power.
      It needs a new and specific clause in the constitution to remove any ambiguity…

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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      You’re right, Earl, and one of the reasons your ‘average joe videographer’ is confused is because s/he doesn’t know where/when their rights are protected – or violated.

      We got a lot of comments, questions, feedback and discussion on that blog post you cited, and we’re working on a follow-up story right now that will be in a future issue very soon. It’s a hot topic because everyone carries a camera nowadays and everyone can be considered a Citizen Journalist.

      Meanwhile, when you do shoot in public, how can you protect yourself? I recently wrote another story on when videographer need to get releases versus when they don’t need releases when shooting in pubic venues.


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      This is an interesting read with regard to Earl’s post. It details the thinking of the Appellate Courts with regard to a First and Fourth Amendment case in Boston.

      Thanks for the good info, Earl.


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      You're right, Earl, and one of the reasons your 'average joe videographer' is confused is because s/he doesn't know where/when their rights are protected – or violated. [/quote]


      This is nothing new, I had the same thing happen back in 2010 while covering a protest at the Federal Building in Fort Lauderdale Florida.




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