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      I shot anediteda music video using a 35mm adapter for the first time.

      Here are just a few observations.

      the upside down image from the adapter is a pain in the butt.

      You have to get used to it real quick or buy a monitor that can flip the image.

      If you’re shooting outside it will have to be portable with a battery pack.

      i also found out that focusing thru the adapter is a whole new ball game. you’ll have to pay very close attention to focus and really take your time.

      No more letting the cameras autofocus do it all for you.

      you cant zoom in and out.

      Forget about those long zooms you’re used to with your onboard camera zooms. with the adapter attached you will go out of focusquickly.

      All in all if you want a film look and a pro look the adapter will give it to you.

      I was shocked at how filmlike and hollywood like some of the shots looked after i color corrected them.

      I’m using the jag35pro static adapter.

      My video can be seen on youtube.

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      Very nice video. You should put this video on vimeo cos youtube quality sucks.

      I also make 35mm adapters. Check it out here for sample footade and 35mm info.

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      Hey Greg –

      Posted on Vimeo as well – Will these adapters work with consumer grade cameras – specifically mine – Sony HDR SR11 (37mm filter threads)?



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      This is what’d you want:

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