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      I am running a minidv camera and we are streaming our church service. I am trying to find out since there is a limitation on the length of firewire can be, is it better to use s-video into a splitter or something then send it out the internet via firewire if there is such a device to come from the switcher to the computer via firewire.

      We don’t know what is the best to get the best picture and then get it out on the internet. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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      eh, i dunno much about steaming. I think the limit for firewire is 15 feet though.

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      Leo LaPorte is one of the few tech-gurus to do this type of thing.

      It’s much easier to tape the program and then post it to a website.

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      Let me ask this another way. Do they make a switcher that comes out firewire so I can put it to my computer via the firewire? If so, who makes it?

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      Yes there are. New Tek’s Tricaster has firewire/USB input/outputs and is an excellent solution for budget conscious live event producers. However, churches are notorious for not being willing to fork over the $5k for the lowest end model Tricaster. A much cheaper option is a Firewire repeater/extender. A typical extender will double the distance of a firewire cable (30+ feet) and repeaters can be linked to up to 250 feet.

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      good thanks for shanring the informatiobn

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