Firewire up in smoke

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      Recently lost my firewire I/O on my Canon XH-A1, anyone experienced this? Can this be fixed?

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      YES, 2 weeks ago. The little pieces of plastic guarding the connectors broke. They seemed to be just little finger projections. With a plastic tool I gently removed the broken pieces trying not to bend the delicate brush connector. Once removed I checked to see my DN60 recorder worked and then I plugged in a headphone, taped the DV plug to it and then taped both to the camera chassis with electrical tape. I don’ t plan on removing either plug. Good luck!

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      More than likely you’ll have to send it to Canon to get that repaired. If it’s not something you can do a local patch up, it’s probably something with the internal connectors or worse the circuit board it’s attached to. Best to let the techs and Canon to fix it. That way if they screw it up it’s on their dime. Is your rig still under warranty?

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