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      I need suggestions to get my sound card working.

      With Sony Vegas Pro 9, I plug my studio monitors into a PreSonus Firepod (external Firewire sound card) via TRS cables, and then set Sony Vegas Options > Preferences > Audio Device > Audio Device Type to Firepod ASIO (from the drop-down menu).

      In the last two projects, Vegas built sound peaks just fine on the new files, and then let me apply Noise Reduction 2.0 to the audio. I could also do my initial Pan/Crop, but then after I began cutting, Vegas no longer responded. I could press and un-press ‘play’, but the timeline would not move. On the second project it seemed like it started to move maybe a frame or two, because the green sound bars in the Master Bus moved a little, but nothing more than that.

      I tried resetting Vegas via CTRL-Shift as I opened Vegas, to reset it to the factory defaults, and then it would work. However, when I went back to Audio Device Type and selected Firepod ASIO, it would lock up again. However, when I re-selected Microsoft Sound Mapper, I could edit again. So I guess Vegas does not like my PreSonus Firepod, or the Firewire card?

      I contacted PreSonus, and they had me send them a copy of my System Information file. They noticed that I had a lot of devices on IRQ16, including the Video card, Intel X-38 chipset, PCI bridge, and IEEE 1394 (firewire) controller. They also noticed that my firewire card (standard Dell Precision 380) had an AGERE chip that causes known problems with the Firepod, so they recommended that I get a new card 1394 firewire with a Texas Instruments chipset. They recommended a SIIG firewire 3-port PCI card, so I bought that ($39.00 from CDW).

      I installed the new SIIG card, but it was the same story. I could build peaks, apply Noise Reduction, and do my initial Pan-Crop, but then a few hours into cutting the same problem happened all over again.

      I can use Microsoft Sound Mapper and it works, but yecch! It’s just not the same. I plan to write Sony tech support and PreSonus next, but I was wondering what other people do to reliably power studio monitors.

      I have an old Echo Mia internal sound card I can maybe use, but I would prefer to get the Firepod going, if possible, as the Firepod offers XLR inputs, and is much more flexible.

      Does anyone have suggestions/ideas?

      Thank you.

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      Did you check to see if your card(s) are Vegas compatible? I ask because this sounds like a compatibility issue. Also, check to see if they are compatible with the version of Windows you’re using as well. I too have dealt with Sony Software ASIO issues in Vegas and Acid and solved them after much tweaking and research. Once they were resolved things worked quite well.

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