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      Hello all. I purchased a samsung sc mx20 camcorder last fall and still haven’t figured this thing out. It saves my files as an mp4 or mpeg4. I can view the videos, but they don’t have sound. I heard I need a firewire cable so I’ve been on the search. My computer has the port, but my camcorder unfortunately only has a USB 2.0 port and I can’t seem to find an adapter oranything of that sort to make one work. I was wondering if some of the more knowledgeable people here could help me find something to work with this so that I can use my videos.

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      Isn’t it a flash based camcorder? You don’t need firewire. Getting the video from your camcorder to computer should be a simple file transfer with the USB connection.

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      I can get them on the computer I just can’t view them with any of the programs I have because of the way it saves it to the computer.

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      Maybe or would have an USB-to-Firewire cable. I know they exist, just dunno where, or how much, or if it is the answer. If USB is transferring and your computer software collection isn’t happy with the format, I suspect the firewire would generate the same results. Hope somebody here can offer up a better response, sollution.

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      Inactive used to carry a multi-connector travel pack for $10-$15 dollars that had a USB to Firewire connector. A couple of years back I had to extract some video from a camera used by a PI for surveillance; the source files were mpeg4. Because it was compressed I couldn’t edit or burn onto a DVD in it’s original format I ended up having to buy a 3rd party package. Sorry, don’t remember what it was and I’m 100 miles away from my machine for a few days. Check or the forums at and I’m sure you can find what you need.

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