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      I am a teacher with growing skills. I have several PCs and MACS that give me grief when I try to use a firewire. the editing software just balks at recognizing my wide variety of digital cameras. Is there a deck that I can get that will allow me to put a minidv right into the computer. I am imagining something like a camera that stays with the computer. thanks to you experts

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      ADS makes some products that you may want to consider.

      This product is USB. You plug it in, then hook up the camcorder to the device, then capture away. This one is only good if your camcorder has an S Video connector or those yellow/red/white cords.

      You shouldn’t have trouble connecting cameras via Firewire. Exactly what is the problem?

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      Pick the one recognizable by your computers and use it as a playback deck for all your tapes.

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      Consider trying out the Sony GVD-1000 mini DV VCR w/4" screen. Check out specs on B&H website. Has firewire, USB, S, etc outputs. Has been a work horse for me for two years with no breakdowns or hiccups. You could order it from B&H, try it out with tapes from all of your cams, and if it didn’t pass inspection, return it. I also use on location as monitor to show talent how good (usually) they look.
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