Firewire Cable? What Pin do i Get? 4pin to 6pin

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      Ive seen that there are many kinds of firewire cables. Ex: 4pin to 4pin…6pin to 6pin….and 4pin to 6pin…I have a Windows Desktop…Which one do i get…

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      Traditionally, the camera i/o is 4-pin and the computer i/o is 6-pin. Then, of course, there’s firewire 800, with a whole different pin/connector shape. So, check your computer inputs and see if the firewire is 400 or 800 (mine has both) and make sure it is the larger-size, especially if it is 400, and you can be fairly certain it will be a 6-pin head. Then, check your camera or other input device, and if it is kind of smallish, with a small square hole on one side, and sort of a crimped-in-the middle shape on the other side, and you are likely to want the 400 4-pin head. Hope this helps.

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