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      I just purchased the new 27″ imac. It has the new firewire 800 port for importing from cameras. I had an ’08 imac previously and the cable that I used is found in stores everywhere and will not fit into my new computer’s firewire port. Does anyone know where i can find the new 800 port cable for importing footage from cameras in stores??

      Need it ASAP.. please help!

      by the way I live in Florida,I’ve already tried best buy, office depot, and compUSA.

      If you have no store recommendations any links to online purchases would be greatly appreciated


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      I’m pretty sure there is only one type of connection for FW800, unlike FW400, which has 4-pin and 6-pin.

      Are you sure you’re using a FW800 cable?

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      Not exactly sure which cable you will need but when in doubt, go to newegg

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