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      The February issue (Page 18) discusses ‘Quick Silver’ external hard drive ‘d2Quadra’. Here are some Newbie questions:

      1) what is FireWire 400 vs. 800 and how does USB 2.0 relate (quality wise)

      2) Am I wrong that ‘FireWire’ is usually related to IEEE 1394 ? If so what is 400 & 800 ?

      3) doessuch external “d2 Quadra” hard drive work as fast and good (qualitywise) as pulling saved video from yourinternal hard drive? – and what connection is recommended ?

      4) can I ‘save’ (all) my videos to such external hard drive and recall it any time I want ‘instantly’ ?

      I’am just getting into it and any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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      Let me see if I can give you easy answers.

      1. Quality would be the same. Its just how fast it can move video or data.

      Firewire is 400mb / second, that would be like 50 megabytes a second. In the real world you get like 80-90% of the max speed, so maybe 45mb/s.

      Firewire 2 is 800mb is about 100 megabytes a second. So 80-90 megabytes in the real world.

      USB 2 would be 480mbs or about 60 megabytes a second or 50 in daily use.

      2. IEEE1394 is like the official name. Its is the same thing and interchangeable with firewire. Ilink is also the same, thats just what Sony called it.

      3. Any hard drive will have the same video quality. As with #1 its just different speeds. The drive you listed has firewire 400&800, USB2 and ESATA. The SATA would be the fastest way to connect it to a computer, as SATA is 150 megabytes / second and SATA2 is 300 Megabytes a second. The drive is listed as having a burst speed of 80-90megabytes a second when using ESATA. That is about twice as fast as USB2 or firewire 400 can handle and would max out firewire 800.

      4. You can save movies to an external drive the same as an internal. Alot of people have many movies saved to their computers, makes no difference if the drive is internal or external.

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      That helps a lot. Thanks for your detailed explanation.

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