finishing my studio, ceiling height an issue?

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      well, it is time to actually get this thing finished. i’m wondering if it’s really going to make much difference whether i have 8 foot high or 10 foot high ceilings. i’ve decided that it’s cost prohibitive to soundproof my whole studio, so i’ve decided to build a room within a room. if i keep the ceiling height at 8 feet high, it saves a whole bunch of labor and materials and simplifies the task dramatically.

      is there any compelling reason i need more than 8 feet high ceilings? i’m making instructional videos primarily for the health care industry, as well as lecture type teaching videos. i don’t think i need any sort of grid for attaching lights, etc.

      if i get an opportunity to build another studio, i’ll go about it in an entirely different way, but i’ve got to go forward with what i’ve got now.

      so inner dimensions will be 19×23 by 8 or 10 foot high ceilings. the only decision left is how high to make the ceilings. any input appreciated :).

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      a picture of my studio (except the drywall is all the way to the roof). the building is 24 x 36. i’d be building a partition 20 feet out from the wall you’re looking at. sound treatment is going to be a lot more expensive than i originally bargained for. if i go with 8 feet ceilings, i can duck those side supporting steel beams instead of having to build around them and save myself a lot of hassle in the meantime.

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      Here is some advice from a guy who uses his garage as a studio. Youll find it difficult to boom a mic and definitely a camera on a 6 4 man with an eight foot ceiling (it leaves only 1 8). Plus, you dont want to regret it later when you can do something about it now.

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      Papayamon, I was thinking that you could do your drywall up to 8 foot on the wall and drape some kind af sound absorbing fabric material attached to the studs below the steel angles and continue attaching it all the way to the peak. This would leave all the headroom possible with the beams available for attaching (lights, booms etc.). Hope this helps. 

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      i’m going to bite the bullet and go the whole 10 feet. the drape idea won’t work, sound is just too serious of an issue to deal with. on a 24 x 20 x 10 room, it’s going to cost a minimum of 5k to treat… and that’s if i do all the work myself.

      if this goes well, and it profitable, i’m going to build another studio and apply all the lessons i learn here. next time around, i would use wood to frame and hardiboard for skin. and i would cover the roof with torchdown rubber. i would also go 40 x 30 x 16, and i’d go with a concrete floor. you’re talking serious money to do this, however.

      i’m really looking forward to finally getting my set up cranked. :).

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