Finally got a camcorder…only $320 with a little trick hehe

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      So I went to Circuit city and asked if they still carried the Panasonic PV GS 300, they said they no longer carried it but they did have an open box on in the back. The price was originally $499, but because it was open box they marked it down to $350. Panasonic PV GS 300, not the greatest camcorder but its good enough for me, and its certainly better than nothing… especially at $350.
      It’s pretty much brand new, no dust, no scratches at all, just two fingerprints the top (yes i counted) and countless fingerprints on the battery for the remote.
      What do you think? (I still need a decent tripod and a boom mic, what do you suggest?) and sorry for posting so many topics! πŸ˜€

      EDIT: Oh and I just looked through the manual and a ‘coupon’ fell out for two free issues of Videomaker! lol!

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