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      I am thinking about making video tutorials covering Final Cut Studio 2. Then I can start a blog for all to view for convenience. If you don’t already know, the major programs included in this bundle are Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, Color, Compressor, and DVD Studio Pro.

      So, if anyone wants to request a tutorial for any program, I will be more than happy to provide one. Take note that Final Cut Pro is the program I know best, but I will be able to answer some questions regarding any program.

      Also, you can count on being disappointed if you are expecting to see a tutorial next week. I’m still in the planning stages, which isn’t much, but still takes time. If you need to know something right away, then clearly state it when you request the tutorial. I will at least respond in writing.

      Thanks guys.

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      A tutorial that details each of the MANY export file types and their purpose would be nice.. A tutorial that correspond between FCP and Compressor would be cool too… Make sure to include in this how to achieve the smallest possible file with the largest aspect ratio that will play on PC or Mac…

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      Great minds think alike. I already had this in mind. One question though:

      What do you mean by a file that will work on PC and Mac? All files exported out of FCP are some kind of Quicktime file. I’ve exported files from FCP as a Quicktime and loaded them to a client’s server. They then downloaded from the server onto their PC and played the file without a problem.

      Now, I know there is a download that allows export from FCP to Windows Media player, and that will work on a PC as well.

      I will do the research, but as far as I know, the exported file needs to match the player — If you export a quicktime from FCP, your PC needs quicktime player, if you export a WMV file from FCP, the PC needs Windows Media Player.

      Does that make sense? Like I said, I will do some research and see if I find anything new.

      Thank you for the suggestion!

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      I might be confusing an export problem I had with quicktime pro and not FCP.. Either way, I exported some quicktime files that do strange things.. For example, one file opened on my PC, but not on a guy I work with’s mac that has final cut (express), quicktime pro, etc…

      Also, a DETAILED tutorial on the MANY setting A/V setting options would be cool..

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      hmm…I’ve never heard of that happening with a Quicktime File before. Maybe he needed to update the version of Quicktime player. I’ll look into it.

      Also, when you say A/V settings. Do you mean all that stuff in the dialogue box when you go to Final Cut Pro>Audio/Video Settings in the menu bar? If, I can do that too.

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      I’m saying that one because for example, I know what the settings are that I work with and use and I have an idea about the other settings but that’s pretty much it (as I have no formal video editing training)…

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