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      I realize this is my first post at these forums. Usually my introduction to a community doesn’t involve me trying to sell something. But, I am really trying to sell this in order to get some money to put down towards a house (not that any of you care, mind you, just stating fact!). Anyway, here’s what I have:

      For sale: Final Cut Studio 5.1. This is the full version, and it is completely unregistered. I was planning on getting a Mac to edit with, but as of now, I’m not able to (b/c of house shopping, as mentioned above) so I figured I’d see if I could give the software a good home.

      I’m asking $850 for it, and I’ll include the shipping, providing your in the US. If you’re in a foreign country, pm or email me and we’ll work something out for shipping. I prefer Paypal for payment as I think it is the safest form of payment, but if you’re interested in paying another way I’d be willing to work with you. Again, contact me for info.

      I know Final Cut Studio 2 is getting ready to come out, but 5.1 is still very ‘current’ in terms of editing. I think it’s a good deal, especially for what all it includes.

      Included is:
      1. Final Cut Studio Install Disc
      2. DVD Studio Pro 4 Install Disc
      3. Soundtrack Pro Install Disc
      4. Motion 2 Install Disc
      5. Apple Loops for Soundtrack Pro
      6. LiveType Media 1
      7. LiveType Media 2
      8. Apple Pro Training – Final Cut Studio; DVD Tutorial
      9. Apple Pro Training – Final Cut Studio Tutorials

      PM or email me if you are interested (even if you have a serous offer)!


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      This is sold…

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