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      I was wondering, I am converting some dvd quality scenes in my sequence and if I convert them with the current settings it comes out to 11 GB. I was wondering, what is still really good quality but small file sizes? Please help.

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      Come on, help me please!

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      cfulton Wrote:

      This is kind of a slow forum, but good things come to the patient. (Welcome all the same–we’re glad you’re here.)

      The first codec that comes to mind is H.264. You could drop the clips in question into Compressor and convert away; the resulting clips will be half the size (or possibly even smaller). But it’ll take a while, depending on the speed of your Macintosh.

      Is there any codec that it will keep the resolution almost the same, could be even a tad smaller and be compressed to a lower file size? Because I converted this one file, used to be 11GB, then when I output it in Final Cut, I check marked the Recompress frames or something like that, and it is now 610MB and its really nice quality. By me putting a check mark beside that option, what did it do really?

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      It’s all good. Great product

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