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      I’m going to be shooting a documentary later this year. I’m considering buying the Sony HVR-Z1U for this shoot. I’m planning to edit using Final Cut Pro HD prodution suite.

      I was looking at equipment in Los Angeles last week when the sales person advised against the Z1 or a dedicated HD camera. He claimed Final Cut HD will only output in HD. I find that a little odd. Does Final Cut HD allow you to burn DVD’s or copy finished videos to tape in formats other than HD?

      I’d like to use the HD camera. I just finished another project where the DP used an HD system and the picture was great!

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      Final cut will output any format that you require.

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      Thats what I thought. Now the other problem, my DP thinks HD might not be good for this project. It’s a dance documentary so there’ll be lots of movement in the scenes. He’s experienced with Final Cut Pro. He says there’ll be issues with motion of the dancers in the editing, that Final Cut’s HD programming is not quite to a point where it’s any better that regular DV. He’s now suggesting we use the Panasonic 100A instead as the HD cameras don’t seem to give us anything extra (save some money).

      I read in a recent edition of the magazine about how editing programs handle the HD data. Do you think this problem will be addressed in the next few months? Should I follow the DP’s advise and stick with the Panasonic?

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