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      Using Final Cut Express 4, can I make color corrections? For instance, say I wanted to pull a “Pleasantville” and only have yellows appear in my shots… can FCE do this?

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      I don’t have final cut express, i have final cut pro. but it’s my understanding that they are very similar. This is how i would go about creating this effect, assuming you have your sequence already cut together.

      Double click the clip in your timeline that you want to add this effect to. It should load into the Viewer window.

      Go to Effects>Video Filters>Color Correction>Color Corrector 3-Way. A “Color Corrector 3-way” Tab should appear in the Viewer window because this filter has now been applied to the clip.

      Move your play head on the timeline over the clip that is being effect. Now click on the “Color Corrector 3-way” tab in the view window. Moving the play head on the timeline over the effect clip allows you to see the changes you are making in the Canvas window since the Viewer window will be occupied by the color correction color wheels.

      Now you should be able to play with the color wheels to adjust the color of the images. The color wheel that will effect the overall color of the images the most is the one labeled “Mids”

      Videomaker also has an article about color correction. They use the interface of Final Cut for their images:


      -Rob G.

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      I’m fairly familiar with how to do this in FCP… classes using the education version of the program. However, I don’t know if Final Cut Express has the color correction capability. I’ve looked around and can’t find a definitive answer

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      it would be in the effects menu. if it’s not there, then you probably don’t have it.

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      FCEdoesn’thaveColor Corrector 3-way (at least it didn’t used to), it does haveColor Corrector.

      Now here is the part I think you want to know. In the ColorCorrectorTab (on the top of theviewer) look to thebottomof theviewerwindow you should see “Limit Effect” here you can make everything, but yellow, black and white (turn the saturation down).

      If FCEdoesn’thave this option, duplicate your video in the time line, add aColorCorrectoreffectto thebottomlayer video, turn the saturation down in thebottomlayer. Add aChromakey to the top layer video, key out yellow, set it to invert, and ad some edgeblur.

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