filter that stretches light vertical or horizontal?

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      hello, i’ve seen what i assume is a filter in movies and music videos that stretches lights, flares, flashlights & strong glare – in a vertical or horizontal direction that usually crosses the whole shot.

      can anybody tell me what kind of a filter that is or how it is done?

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      I am no video expert by any means so I may be off base. But my photography experience with this effect is you can create it by adjusting the aperture on your lense. the number of flares is directly related to the number of blades in the lense.

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      startburst filters?

      try this:

      grab a clear cd case lid. use this as a filter for in front of your lens.

      run a peice of medium to fine sand paper accross it once (any direction, one straight stroke) try it (you should notice a two point starburst)

      now run the sandpaper across it again at 90 degrees from the first stroke. (you now have a four point startburst) you can do six or eight points like that, each swipe with the sandpaper will also cause more diffusion and soften your image.

      the effect works on all point lightsources (try a candle in a dark room for example).

      if that is the effect your looking for you can buy them…cokin and lee and tiffin make them.

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      You need to use star filter, or cross screen filter to create the lines going outwards off light sources in the frame. Oldercamcorders have had vertical lines as a side effect, with modern ones you need a filter.

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