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      I have been making movies, videos, etc for a few years and have been using an older (2000) IMAC and bruning via a dvd recorder. I want to switch over to PC and would like some suggestions from others who have been down this road already or are used to PC editing.
      Anyone know of any out of the box systems that work great for filmmkaing without paying a lot(over $1000)? When I bought my Mac it was about $1200 but I see that computers now are pretty cheap sometimes for decent systems with 160+ GB and are fast. Any suggestions/recommendations on software for burning and authoring DVDs with good title menus? Or any ideas on printers that print on printable DVDs versus stickers/lightscribe? Is there a PC video editing software available that is really good and offers all that is needed in one package? Edits, photoshops, burns and authors?
      Thanks in advance.

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      I have to ask why in the world would you actually want to switch to Widows. Mac’s are great and in this industry they are dominant in most areas.

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      I’ve heard the same.

      Been thinking about a Mac for video editing.

      Using Studio 9 + without it having problems, but Windows XP Pro !!
      That’s another story.

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      Hey, look at Final Cut Pro – pretty pricey but one of the current standards. MAC is better in the long run especially with the new Intel chips. It depends on how involved you want to get. Otherwise Video 9 is a great start. If you are having problems, try upgrading your memory. Good luck.

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      as for your question about switching to pc…i think 1000 bucks is very doable. if that was my budget i would either get a premade hp for 1000 and make a few mods or…and probably the smarter route…is to have a custom made comp at a local shop.

      you should be able to get some very respectable specs for that amount of money. with that machine you should be able to take on some pretty seriouse projects with whatever software you choose. visa ve premier pro, vegas, or pinnical. with these three i would suggest premier. if you have any desire to be in the business, then i would recomend avid express pro. it can be had for 300 dollars with an educational discount and is considered the industry standard. that a FCP which is for mac (macs suck πŸ˜‰ )

      hope that helped a little.

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