filming with glasses/contacts…possible?

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      can you use a camera with glasses or do they get in the way? stupid question.. but simple
      would i have to use contacts?
      what should i do

      im thinking about getting a job as a camera operator but my distance vision is a bit blurry not by much but might be noticeable if you look hard enough

      … should i just drop the idea of camera operator?

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      Every camcorder I’ve used has a diopter adjustment for the eyepiece, except for one model which didn’t have an eyepiece…. only an LCD monitor. And it sounds like you’re near-sighted, so you can clearly see the camcorder controls and the LCD monitor. I think you’re OK. If your distance vision is really bad, you probably need some bifocal glasses made 8) , for shooting unpredictable action such as sporting events.

      If you really want to be a camera operator, go for it! πŸ˜€
      Ken Hull

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      i-cuff viewfinder covers are an inexpensive and innovative accessory that will provide light blocking, sweat control, superior fit with eyeglasses and save wear and tear on your camcorder.

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      I have been wearing glasses since teenage. And that’s exactly when I started using my dad’s 8 mm camera. Over 30 years later I am still in glasses making my living as a news cameraman.

      It’s a little bit tricky, but absolutely possible. Good luck with the job. Hope you like it.

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