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      Using a Canon Vixia HF g10..I would like to create an opening scene of people walking in slow motion. I need a nice smooth shot, i.e., (:12 – :25 of this music video:

      Is it as simple as filming a scene in 60i and during editing, slowing down the frames or are there other settings I’ll need to tinker with on the camera?


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      Daniel HartDaniel Hart

      You are right, the key to getting smooth slow motion is filming at a frame rate higher than what you intend to finish in. However, 60i is actually 60 interlaces fields, which means that it comes out as only 30p. You would need to film in 60p (60 frames per second) and than conform to 30p in editing, to slow it down to 50%.

      But it looks like you’re camera can’t shoot 60p, so that doesn’t leave you many options. If you’re working in Final Cut Pro X you can use retiming with optical flow to give you a smooth slow motion. I’ve used it, and it works really well.

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