Filming Hockey but want “time clock box”

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      Sorry for the weird title…

      I am filming hockey with one camera on a tripod… would LOVE to have a second camera dedicated to the time clock and use that “feed” for a picture in picture box. Hope that makes sense…

      I would also LOVE to be able to do this on the cheap.

      Any help would be very much appreciated.


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      Don’t film it… shoot it on video. As far as the clock, lock down a cheap miniDV camera. You could also just do it as a graphic in post and only pop it up when it matters, as long as you have a reference way of making it accurate.

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      I have a camera setup with a DVD recorder attached. I record in realtime to the dvd and don’t have time to go to post to drop in a timeclock graphic as the dvd are dupped for moms and dads right after the game.

      Was hoping there was a cheap pnp solution already out there. πŸ™‚

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