Filming full speed racing (atv racing)

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      Let me begin by saying that I am a new to the whole camcorder scene. I am wanting to get into filming quads and try to make my own video. I am currently a rider and I would like to know what a good camera would be. I am looking for a good clear picture. The sound isn’t a big issue since most to all atv racing videos use music instead of sound. Although, price is a issue I would like to know the best bang for the buck. I would like to keep it around $1000 or less if possible. I wouldn’t mind useing used equipment as long as its in good condition.

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      When I first got into video, I got a Canon GL2. Shoots a great image outdoors. You should be able to find a used one with accessories for $1000 or less.

      If you buy a used one, always buy it in person to make sure the equipment is working properly.

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      I agree with with rob for that pricerange a canon gl2 is probably your best bet i have researched them and they have good quality although not hd. the stock mic on it has pretty good crisp audio.

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      GL2 is a GREAT standard definition camera, decent sound from in-cam mic, but I do often use a shotgun mic, and it is capable of producing 16×9 widescreen and GREAT glass (lens), plus the noted Canon image stabilization.

      I seriously doubt, used or otherwise, you’ll find one in decent shape and with accessories for $1K – these puppies are still selling for high dollar most places and only someone looking to offload a overworked one, or in desperate need of money is going to let his/hers go for less than $1.5K. The resale value of these cameras remains high.

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      yeah the GL2 is going to do great recording quad racing…have heard a lot of good stuff about it..

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