filming action with DCR-SR80

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      wow, what a spectatular forum – but the mag is GREAT too!

      in a nutshell I use my DCR-SR80 for filming at dog shows – stationary (well nearly!) dogs, and then them being moved at a trot mainly out and backor around thering — and the model (hard drive, size, etc) is ideal

      mine films in NTSC, but being in Australia most DVD players here are PAL as forthe UK

      but I have a problem with at least white dogsoutdoors (mine at home) and dark/black dogsindoors (I filmed a friend’s breed last weekend) – when the dogs move the picture is ‘broken up’ horizonatally, sort of like a venetian blind effect

      As I KNOW what I did last weekend, let’s just look at that – filmed in automatic everthing & I am happy with the colour etc, uploaded to my PCwith the Sony supplied ImageMaker – used that tochoose the frames and burn the DVD, but I did get IM to convert fromNTSC to PAL – on my friends say 24 months old PAL ‘lesser known brand’ DVD player we got the venetian blind effect, the player is fine for other DVDs

      A) what is the name for this effect

      B) what am I doing wrong

      C) if I get jack of it all, what comparably valued camera would be good for ‘snapshot’ videoing of dog shows that won’t lead to this horrible effect?



      ps OK< so you know, I have Clumber Spaniels, my friend’s breed is Gordon Setters 🙂

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      well the response (lack of!) has been disappointing, but I have done a lot more playing around myself.

      The problem appears to lie with ImageMixer – the software that comes with the camera – beacuse if I upload the MPG files through Windows XP S2 file Explorer, all is honky dory. Just attach the USB cable, & upload through XP, then I dropped the files from my computer into the editing software, and the issue is overcome.

      When thinking about it all, I realized there were a heap of possible connection ‘failures’ The video appeared fine replayed on the camera, was fine replayed through the TV and s-video cable, then I wondered if it was one of my USB ports, but both USB 2.0 produced the same result, then I wondered if the cable was dodgy, but without a spare I couldn’t test that, then I really wondered about ImageMixer, so tried through XP – now I am rocking again, and not swearing about Sony, for it is Sony I blamed, so they should take care to ensure the software they ship with their products is bomb proof.


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      I’msorry no onereplied to your questionearlier.

      Withoutseeingit, my firstguess would bethat yourseeinganinterlaced image not play properly (interlacedmeans itdisplaysthe even horizontal linesof pixels, then theodd lines). Myguessis ImageMaker, duringthe conversion from NTSCto PAL didn’t deinterlaceit and/or didn’tconvert very wellcausingthis?

      In anycase, itsoundslike you’vefiguredouta solution,sohappyfilming! 🙂

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