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      Hey there. I’ve seen several vids lately ( and that use a Mac and the screen is being filmed. Now, I don’t mean you actually film it with a video camera, but the screen itself is actually being recorded through your computer. It’s taking the image of the screen as you do your business (like surfing the web and pulling up applications) and converting it to video. I was curious as to how this is done. Do you need a certain type of software, or is a Mac already equipped with the necessary tools? Some links are listed below:

      I’d give u the links for, but it’s down at the moment. Hopefully, you’ll know what I’m taling about after seeing the first few vids on

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      I’ve found one called Copernicus, but I can’t figure out how to work it.

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      Here is a piece of software for recording movement on the screen.

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      Many people prefer iShowU over SnapzProX. The price is fantastic ($20), it is stable, easy to use, and offers as many or more production options.
      I use iShowU in my business and love it.
      Good luck,

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