Filming a projection with a 5d mark 2

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      Hi guys, does anybody have any experience with DLP synching issues when filming.

      If you have a look below at a quick video i prepared you will see some of the settings i used. No matter what shutter speed i choose i get banding on the screen, in 25fps this rolls however in 24fps it is static. I am in the UK using 50hz. Can anyone advise how i would go about removing this?

      thanks in advance.


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      Further to my post i have discovered a strange answer.

      If i point away from the projected image, switch on live view and then move the camera to view the projection the banding is there, no matter what setting i then tweak.

      If, however, i point the camera at the projected image and then switch live view on. The banding disappears. Is this an issue with the initial synch or something?

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      I have the same problem, I think everybody does I tried with 5d, lumix GH1 & hdv sony Z1 cameras If you use a gh1 or Z1 The flicker can be erased wit a 1z1 degrain plugin (in tcp if you use that) but you get motion blur if you move the camera With the 5D 24fps or ntsc is almost nice but I have to try your live view technique, that sound incredible do you have no more problems with this technique ?

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