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      Hi, I was just wondering what are well known film schools, (Universities) in Canada or the US?
      Im interested in producing, what would you suggest for schools and courses.

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      UCLA is “the best” here in america but I would avoid it like the plague. Stay in Canada because you will save tones of money. Be sure the school you go to actually has decent equipment and tones of hands on time, it’s the only way you will learn anything, and make sure the class aren’t all the “theory” BS. that so many people teach. I’m not saying it’s bad but you need to have a large amount of practical shooting classes.

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      What Art Institute do you go to? I attend the one in Dallas but our DMP program doesn’t start until next quarter. I’m not sure if I am going to swich over or not.

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      Can you tell me about the Art Institutes… IU’m going to Chicago next year for digital media production .. any info would be great!!

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      Use my email address and email me some questions.

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      I went to Vancouver Film School and I loved it. It a one year course in Film but its really hands on with just a little bit of theory. When you get out of there you have the same opportunities as someone with a Bachelor in Film.

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      International Academy of Design & Technology
      Vancouver Film School
      Victoria Film School – British Columbia
      University of Regina (Regina)
      University Of Toronto

      They are all at this address:

      Try to go to school near Toronto, as many Hollywood films are shot there. You might get to work on some of those films on summer break.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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