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      What are the most top notch film school do you guys know of.
      The only one I know righ now Is Full Sail and Los Angeles Film School

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      If you are in the LA area, look into Brooks. They have a relatively new campus in Ventura (circa 1999 I think). The Brooks Photography school is a great one, and they offer a comparable Film School it seems. I have a good friend finishing his degree there right now.

      -andrew @ videomaker

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      In the "old days", the 2 main film schools were UCLA and USC, both in the Los Angeles area.

      Back in the mid 70’s, the American Society of Cinematographers held their 1st student cinematographer competition. Everyone thought the the winner would be from one of those 2 schools. SUPRISE!!!!!! The winner was from San Diego State University!

      Now there are lots of film schools. It’s difficult to say which school is "best". Some schools might emphasize operation of conventional 35mm Mitchell movie cameras. Other schools might emphasize NLE video editing. Others might emphasize High Definition video equipment. Still others might go easy on the equipment issues, and concentrate on script writing, budgeting, and directing actors. Bottom line: search those college catalogs and find which school teaches what you want to learn.

      My 3 cents worth, πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      Compusolver you were in the Vietnam War? Wow my grandfather was a Vietnamese officer for the south. were you there during the tet offensive?

      But anyway, I would like to focus on directing, and hd editting, and I just want to check out a well known school that have good reputation, and good equipment to work with.

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      wow that must be intense, I am so fascinate with the Vietnam War. I study alot about the vietnam war but what I want to know more is both side point of view on ground battle. My grandfather was an officer in saigon doing some paper work when they attack luckily he survive. Then after 1975 I think, is when they caught my grandfather and put him in prison fo eight years. he said that during his imprisonment they made him work and at night make him write so he have no time to sleep. He said some people break up mentally and become crazy. I mean the war already over why are they still torturing people. as for Vung Tau I dont know much about, but in vietnam vung tau mean ship harbor. Thats extremely awsome you get to try out an m60 I think you shoot in a short burst because it get heat up real fast and it cause it to jam because metal expand at high temperature. I wish i could show you the documentary i made but its like 600 something MB.

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