Film project needing funding..

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      is it ok to post this here?

      I’m working on several projects right now, this is me testing the waters on croudsourcing.
      if I get some kind of response I’ll be working on an indie horror film soon as well…

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      Right off I’d say to get the ball rolling for crowdsourcing, you need to first setup your project with Kickstarter and also have a similar appeal on your own website where you can take in donations. Up front, you should already have at least a completed trailer, blog or webpage potential donors can go to for more info and you’ll need to showcase yourself as the driving force for getting the project off the ground. You need to do all that before you start trying to raise money through crowdsourcing….

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      thanx.. just learning the ropes on this.. the good news is everything learned gets applied to bigger and better projects.

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