“Film Noir” Music Video

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      This is a beautiful music video for Inga Liljestrom. Filmed on 16mm, DigiBeta and with stills throughout Victoria.

      Director/DOP: Jake Simkin

      Editor: Nick Calpakdjian

      Art Direction: Ali Dullard

      Inga Liljestrom

      Love to hear what people think.


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      I really like the style this was shot in! When I first started watching it, I assumed you were just cutting together stock footage, and I started to get disappointed like “oh great, another one of THESE videos…” but then realized you had mimicked that old film stock look, and I love it!! I think my favorite parts are the rotating light pattern in the hotel room, and the stuff out in the field of tall grass. My least favorite is probably all the writing on things… it’s just so overdone these days. Nice work though!

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      I actually loved the writting on things, it went to the music and created more of a chaotic & themetic environment that was perfect for the pacing of the video. Well done. How did this technology work for you? And what were your biggest challenges?

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      Overall, interesting. My perspective? Not only this example, but a predominance of stuff is overproduced. Too much is being utilized for the sake of coolness or grittiness or way too effects prone and all that gets in the way of the messages many productions might attempt to deliver.

      If a person is looking to develop a brain reaction without a base for setting a story, ANY story, that’s one thing – impressions. But if one seeks to go beyond brain waves and feely stuff, chaos, the whole industry needs to cut back a bit on how much is crammed into a project.

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      eerie… kinda like a mellow, jazzy Bjork. nice audio sync to video. (being an audio guy,i tend to notice that predominantly).


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      Cool video. I really like the music.

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