FILM LIKE video footage from HVX200

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      I know you’ve heard this before. Film like images achieved on low end HD cameras. But here is the proof.

      I shot a short as a test for a feature film called "WINTER". The camera captures some amazing snow. The blacks are nice and clean. I had to under expose a bit so the highlight doesn’t blow out. You can also see the the highlight blow out when it got sunny. So I always made sure that the sun backlit the objects so it’s not that harsh.

      >>>> WATCH TEST (short film) <<<<

      I just finished the feature film finally with this camera (all snow). I’m very happy with the way it captures the light in dark situations. Here is a frame sample. You can see on the frame grabs, I exposed for the hard light hitting the snow to achieve film-noir images. I works well. If I exposed for the shadow, the image would have looked like a home video. Enjoy….

      >>>> VIEW FRAME GRABS on pdf (feature film) <<<<

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    That’s some pro camerawork! πŸ˜‰ And yes, it does have a film look. I guess a combination of diffuse lighting and slight underexposure helps a lot to give a film look.

    Ken Hull

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