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      Hi to all the film makers and entrepenuers in the film industry. I myself am a small time film maker, and moving to the United States from Bolivia, I started all over, to try and direct and produce my own ideas. All I have now is a small handycam, and am looking to buy a much better camera. My budget is low for now, but I am looking at around $2,000. I have been told that the Panasonic DVX100 is a great camera for someone on that budget. Could anyone please let me know what their thoughts are. Thanks so much. The majority of my work is documentaries or short films. Very artistic and poetic, I tend to stick to alternate angles and different graphics for my films. Please let me know what your proffesional opinions are. Thank you so much,


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      Yea, the DVX100 is a real good camera. You could probably find a used DVX100B around your price range. When you get some more money, look into getting a 35mm lens adapter for that camera too, like the SGPro or the Letus35. They give your image a shallower depth of field resulting in a more “film” look.

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      Yeah. I have already found a couple DVX100’s for around 1800, and I would definitely be looking into new lens’ as well. Thanks for your feedback.


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