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      I work for a city in PA and we were thinking of starting a Film Camp for kids to give them something productive to do after school and during the summers. If you were going to outfit a camp for say a dozen kids at a time, what equipment would you get? I think we would rotate kids maybe a dozen at a time through 2 week camps on PreProduction, Shooting and Post so we would need descent tools for all three of those areas. That would be a 6 week program all together. We would show the films at uor Movies in the Parks events and give them all copies. Perhaps we could find sponsors for a Jr. Filmaker package for the best film project of the year. Ideally, the dozen kids would work together doing all the "acting" and behind camera work at each stage.

      Just fleshing this idea out and it’s for next summer so we have some lead time and I have budget. What do I need to think about and what do I need?

      Thanks for your thoughts.


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      How old are the kids going to be? Junior High? High school?
      I think a majority of the camp would depend on the maturity/attentionspan of the kids.
      It sounds like a really great idea though. I wish they did that over here.

      If the kids were High School students, there is already an ROP program offering this (some sort of career planning course), or at least where we live.

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      Our goal is to give kids a positive thing to do after school and over the summers and preempt gang and other negative influences. I wouldn’t say we have a huge gang issue but it’s a growing threat so the younger we get to them with positive ideas the better.

      Was thinking of getting an old Airstream trailer or winnebego and making that the mobile studio headquarters and editing studio so we could take the whole project to the kids and the equipment to the locations where they would want to film their movies.



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      This sounds like a really cool idea! I remember visiting a video camp thingy when I was in High School. Of course their video abilities at the time were nothing like today. I know alot of kids would love this kind of thing! Hmmm, actually, I would love this kind of thing lol!

Viewing 3 reply threads
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