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      Ok, folks. I’m working on a mac, FCP, I store all my files on an external 1.5TB hard drive, and right now it’s at about 900 Gigs of files. My internal hard drive is 320G, and I have an 320 time back up hard drive for all the system files and software programs. So now I need to figure out how to BACK UP the hard work and files. I talked to Apple, and they said to mirror the drive. So I bought another 1.5TB hard drive to mirror it to (because my internal hard drive doesn’t have the room for it to create a mirror on my desktop!), but it took a full dayto compress it, then another 6 hours to uncompress to the new Hard Drive. So that’s no help, I can’t afford a full day and a half down time every time I make an edit. I talked to Larry Jordan, and he says a RAID is the way to go. Without spending gajillions of dollars, what do you suggest for an Raid? Do all Raids take bigger hard drives in each slot?

      Thanking everyone in advance for their help!

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