File plays audio+ video, but imported to Premiere – no audio

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      Hi all,

      Hope everyone’s having a good festive season. I’m working on a project shot in HDV, and editing in Premiere Pro CS5. I’ve captured all of my footage from tape to my project. Each file (.mpeg), when played through VLC Media Player/Windows Media Player, has both video and audio playback and there are no problems at all. One of my files, however, when imported into Premiere Pro will not play the audio stream. I know the audio is there because it’s playing fine through other players – so what’s going on? My files are not ‘conforming’, or ‘indexing’ – that process is complete within Premiere. I’ve removed and re-imported the file, and still the problem is there. I’ve exited Premiere, restarted Windows, restarted the project and re-imported the file, but still no audio.

      Any ideas?



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      Do you have the audio track(s) locked?

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      Check your sequence settings – ensure you have them set for the type of video you are importing. Also, check the type of audio track by right clicking on the content and viewing the properties. In the past when I used the wrong sequence media setting type my audio tracks did not appear (but i did have audio when playing the clips).

Viewing 2 reply threads
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