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      HI everybody

      I have to re-edit a video which I made few months back so all I have was an final edited dvd. So what I did was I transfer it to mini-dv. Then load it in to premier pro through a minidvd camcorder. I used 4 different audio time lines for audio. but when I try to burn it to dvd it said the error message that the file is too big. My friend told me to first transfer it to encore because encore convert the audio file to wave that will make the sized smaller. But still in encore the file size it 6.93 gb. I don’t know what am I doing wrong. Thanks in advance for all the help.

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      Is lowing the bitrate gonna make any difference?

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      First, how long is the video? A single layer DVD can fit 2 hours of video with 1 audio track. Less with more audio tracks. If your video is more than 2 hours, you may need a dual layer disc.

      Second, did you try setting the audio to ac3 (Dolby Digital)? I’m guessing your filling up your disc space with all those audio tracks and PCM (wav) is much larger than ac3.

      Third, is your video setting set for "Automatic"? If it is, Encore can lower the video bitrate enough to make it fit on the disc. Try changing your audio to ac3. This should open up a lot of room.

      Please clarify:

      I used 4 different audio time lines for audio.

      Do you have 4 different Timelines with 1 audio track each or 1 Timeline with 4 audio tracks?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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