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      Okay, so I have some new equipment (sony HDR-XR200V) and adobe premier 7. I have a lot of stuff to learn but the biggest hurdle I have to get over is getting my files from my camera to adobe. I can go straight from camera to adobe but……. I get the buffering affect when I play the clip to edit it. Obv you can’t successfully edit a clip thats choppy. The only way I found that I can do it adds a step to the process that I don’t want to have to take. I have to use sonys pmb software to collect the vid files from the camera. Then I have to convert them to a different file type, mpeg2 or wmv, then I can pull them onto adobe and edit them. 2 questions are…. Is there a setting on the camera to save my files in a different format other than sonys file format. Is there a way to get around converting the files through adobe? I would assume theres got to be a setting somewhere that will take the raw file and make it usable and edit freindly. So far editing isnt a problem, adobe is actually ALOT easier to use than people make it out to be. The big problem is file conversion, and or eliminating steps before editing.


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      I don’t have that problem with either of my hd Sony camcorders. I use Final Cut Studio, and upload thru capture. The only problem I have is that I have to remember to name my clips! Once they are in, changing the name of the clip is very complex.

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      AVCHD (.M2TS.MTS.TS) video is recorded using the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video
      compression codec. And chances are you will come in contact with it
      more and more in the future. Presently, the default media players from
      Microsoft (Windows Media Player) will not play AVCHD natively. Thats
      why third party decoders are required.

      So, as I know we have to get the videos recorded from SONY camcorder converted to other file format for further enjoying or editting:(

      Camcorder HD Application!

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