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      I have a friend that has a couple of digital still cameras that also record short pieces of video onto a memory chip. The file types appear to be mpeg2 and avi. The picture is fairly small and may be 15 fps. The individual clips appear to form a short movie on the camera. He would like me to transfer them to a CD or DVD, but I don’t have a clue as to how to convert these to something useable. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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      Fast and easy: download free trial version of an editing software, i. e. Ulead Movie Factory, Import all your files and make a DVD.If you like the software, you might as well buy it.

      Let us know how it works out.

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      There is no need to put them on DVD, the quality just isn’t there and the files are tiny. But you made no mention of what your friend wants to play the video on. Transferring the files from the camera to a CD is really simple, then using video player software to create a playlist and that’s all there is to it. But if your friend wants to play the “movie” on a television, it gets a bit more complicated.

      You may want to make a video CD (or VCD) that will play in the majority of set top DVD players. The easiest way I know to do this uses the free media player from RealMedia. The player will let you load most video formats, then use the video CD burning option to create a VCD that will play the files in order (as a repeating loop) as soon as the disc loads into the player. There is no editing required and RealPlayer recodes the video into the proper format (for VCD’s that is MPG1, DVD’s use MPG2) so the source format doesn’t matter.

      And just an FYI, cameras generally only record video in MP4 or H.264 format. If the files are small, I guarantee they are not AVI’s (or they run less than a couple of seconds.) If it is a very old camera, it could be MPG1, I encountered it on a camera over a decade ago. So it could be in MPG (by default MPG1.) But the format matters only is you try to edit the video. And then only so far as your video software is able to read the file. In your situations, it really doesn’t matter much.

      But I think you’ll find using the RealPlayer to create a VCD very easy. If your friend has a computer, even he could put the movie on a VCD. And all you need is the free version. I use it all the time to put music videos from the web on discs to play in my DVD players.

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