Fig Rig or Steady Cam

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      I am looking at the portable options for shooting and wanted to know if anybody has used any of the products and their opinion or suggestion.


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      The Fig Rig steadies your shots, but is not fluid.

      The Steadicam itself is a bit on the (very) pricey side.

      You might be better off looking at the Glidecam or Varizoom series of camera stabalizers.

      I plan on going with a Varizoom Flowpod in the beginning then moving to a Navigator down the road. The Navigator (with Flowpod) can be had for under $2k.

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      I was looking around for this same equipment too! However, I have no budget whatsoever.

      I found plans for a steadicam online

      I’ve tried it out

      Most scenes in this clip have been shot while I was full-out running and dodging around. For what it is, it’s great if you have no budget, and certainly will improve videos until you can purchase an expensive steadicam. (In my opinion, this works just as well for a 50th of the cost)

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      Not to go off topic, but I noticed that that guy has a $4000 camera and an iMac G5, but he’s using a $14 camera stabilizer. I’m not knocking it or anything, just that I certainly wouldn’t use a $4k camera with a $14 DIY project.

      That and I don’t think it would look very professional.

      But…that’s just my opinion.

      BTW, your video looks pretty good so far. πŸ™‚

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      having tried the homemade device (made mine from pvc) I found something that that costs a little more, but looks more pro and has multiple uses…(making it more worth the trouble to carry around)
      A sand filled bean bag, with velcro straps, and a manfrotto magic arm. placing the bean bag on one end and the camera on the other, adjusting the angle of the arm for best holdability/center of gravity, works fine.

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      Not Bad, It seemed be to functional in your production. I appreciate the comments and will do some research.


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