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      Has anyone used the Gemini ikey plus usb recorder. Converts, in real time, audio to mp3 128, 192, 256, 320 bit rate and Wave format directly on hard drive, ipod or flash drive. I tested the audio with a simple computer line output and the quality was suprisingly good! Thinking of using this for recording wedding audio during the reception, best man toast etc. along with shotgun mic on camera. Thought this may be a reasonable back up. Any thoughts. Is this to good to be true?

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      Hi Brice,

      Yes, it is an excellent solution to be recording key events to a portable audio recording deck as a backup or primary, in addition to recording with the on camera shotgun.

      The price of this unit makes me a little nervous. It is just so cheap!

      There are many decks out there that do this. Have you looked at other decks?

      Check the Edirol site. They are a company that appears to be staying on the leading edge in this area. Their products available at B&H.

      The thing about this deck is that if you can get superb audio into it, it will capture excellently, and you will be able to transfer to other devices excellently. For a couple minutes I looked at several sites to try to find comprehensive specs. I could probably find more info if I took the time. However, at this point all I could learn is that it has only one mic input! There is some discussion about attaching mixers to this unit to download or pass through from mixers to other units. Presumably, the mixer would have miscel inputs for turntables, sound effects, mics. (The major application for this unit appears to be for DJs to record shows in advance and then when they get to the gig, turn on the switch, bring the house down with transcendent pre-mixes they worked on during vacation, and hang out. Being facetious, at least a little bit.)

      I assume that this unit will record directly with on board mics as well as working with a mic input, but this is not clear from my short research.

      So the bottom line is that this unit may work well as part of a system (e.g., attached to house system, connected via wireless receiver to a lav on the groom’s lapel, attached to a mixer with line and wireless mic inputs, etc.). Just sitting there and recording ambiance could be a plus. But for this to be the really powerful addition to your setup that you (might) have in mind, you need more parts to your setup.

      Happy Shooting and Audio Recording!

      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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